"Morally Irresponsible"

By: Maxwell Stetson

With a lot of talk on immigration and people's "birth"-rights, I would like to shift the attention to what Zionist's audaciously refer to as Israeli "birthright."  I believe contrasting this topic can illuminate the bigger picture.

The Zionist's notion is that Israel is the home of the Jew and where every Jew has a "right," if not an obligation to visit and settle.  You've heard this argument many times - that "God" gave Jews the land. 

But what did God give me or you? Or a starving woman and child trying to cross the U.S boarder?  What did God give a Palestinian? What did he give to the billions of people who have already lived and died? What did he give to Hillary Clinton or Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama or Donald Trump?

He gave them birth rights. Yet somehow humans still think they get to decide whose worthy of these rights... America was founded on these basic human rights.  Rights that we need to remember were given to all of us by the fact that we were born with consciousness.

Does that mean we need governments to enforce those rights?

When you see this irresponsible morality, even if it is coming from your own government or culture, run the other way. 


Max StetsonComment